EMIN'S – Key Details

  • Intergrated: Simply the most complete way to get information to Fishermen and other marine users.
  • Simple: Compatible with the majority of PC based and standalone navifgation systems. Loran C converter built in too.
  • Error free: From GIS to boat without error.
  • See it in Action: Online Map

Enhance Mariner Information Notices


We write software thgat directly converts input data in to the different formats necessary to communicate with fishermen and other marine users. Our team know which data is most imprtant and can advise on the most proactive way to engage with the marine users to maximise impact.


All of the stages of our service from paper to boat allow the user to easily relate the onformation for their purposes. For example in North East America, the fishermen prefer Loran C numbers for mental refrence. For installing on their navigation system, Loran C is not practical due to inducing errors, however our system make a simple to install plotter files, allowing zero error to their navigation system. .


Once on their system everyting becomes relative, their fishing history can be overlayed, their vessel position is visible relative to the EMIN data. There really is no better way to ensure your assets and the safety of the marine users is protected.

  • Dedicated expert support from professional mariners.
  • Error free transfer of data.
  • Avoids information fatigue.
  • Error free awareness with consistent formatting.